Luggage Canopy at Doncaster Airport

Mike, the engineering manager at Robin Hood Airport approached us with a requirement for a luggage canopy to bridge two existing canopies and provide protection for passengers making their way through international arrivals and to cover the baggage handlers entrance.

Mike wanted to resolve the problem he had with the weather and saw that a bespoke luggage canopy would be the right solution. Our luggage canopy could be custom designed and manufactured accordingly to bridge the gap between the two existing canopies. The existing canopy on the left is a flat roof canopy, and the canopy on the right is curved, which complicated the situation further. Coupled with this, neither of the two existing canopies were square to each other or the building. Despite this, Kappion could still provide the perfect covered solution.


The team had to undertake three site surveys due to how complicated the design of the canopy was. The drawings had to be repeatedly checked and tweaked to get it right. This was to ensure that the luggage canopy would completely seal the gap between the two existing canopies. Despite going through immense security procedures in order to plan, revise and amend the drawings, our team obtained the exact dimensions.

Finally, Mike gave his approval of the final production drawings. He asked for the structure to be powder coated in Pure White (RAL9010) as the aesthetics had to match the left-hand canopy as closely as possible. Mike chose Clear polycarbonate for the roof glazing rather than bronze or opal to allow as much light into the area as possible.

Moreover, once we received confirmation of the canopy delivery date the team could arrange a suitable installation date. Installation of the canopy was relatively complicated and flight schedules had to be planned around when choosing suitable times. This ultimately meant that the canopy installation had to take place at night. One member of the fitting team had to be qualified and a Disclosure Scotland certificate in order to allow the installation team to work air-side without an escort.

Despite extremely severe security measures, freezing -4°C temperatures, and the fact that the installation team had to fit the luggage canopy at night, few problems were encountered. The fitting team worked extremely efficiently in order to complete the job within the week’s deadline. Above all, Mike was really pleased with how productive our fitting team was and he couldn’t be happier with the perfect luggage canopy solution installed.

Canopy Specifications

Location Doncaster
Purpose Luggage Canopy
Width 10 metres
Length 7.6 metres
Eaves Height 2.7/3.3 metres
Frame Colour Pure White (RAL9010)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Clear

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