Our Boarding Process

Our customers often ask us… “How do we go about buying one of your carports or canopies? How does it work?”

This guide explains how we get you from having that great idea and dream of all year round protection from the ever changing British weather to owning a fresh, new Kappion carport or canopy, and all of the benefits that our beautiful structures bring. So here are the on boarding steps that we go through…


The estimate

So that we can make sure that our product meets your expectations and budget, the first step is for us to provide you with an estimate for the canopy that would work in the space you have available. We just need the style you prefer and some measurements.

You can either click here to fill in our enquiry form or call 01543 543 007, Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm and speak to one of our team.

So that we can make sure that we are very close to the final price we may ask you to send us some photos or plans (if you have any).

Important note: we are not a high pressure sales company. We make beautiful bespoke, one off solutions for you. We do not have the luxury of stacking them high and selling them cheap so you will soon notice that Kappion people (“Kappies”, our pet name for our team members) care about what they do and deliver more than they promise.


The survey

Assuming that our estimate meets your budget and we have talked through your requirements, the next step is to arrange a survey at the location where the carport or canopy will be installed.

Please note: our surveyors understand our product and how it fits in the space you have available. Our surveyors are not sales people so please do not expect to be able to talk about the price. It is purely a visit from a very friendly experienced surveyor who has a lot of canopy engineering knowledge and will want to take scans using our state of the art 360 degree point cloud scanning equipment and make sure that he/she understands your requirements and expectations.


The visual

Following the survey we produce a 3D model of what you are expecting to be installed. The model is overlaid on to the point cloud scan that we take during your survey so you can see exactly how the canopy will look in relation to your property or space. This is super-powerful and like our customers who have experienced our process already, this is their favourite step. This gives you the comfort that the canopy looks awesome and fits really well.

Here is an example video, this will be similar to what we share with you for your canopy and space. 

Our scanners measure millions of individual points and that point cloud then enables us to literally draw a canopy in the space in 3D on a computer. We and our customers really think this is epic and is just simply on another level! This is just one of the things that sets us apart from other canopy companies.


The final price

Whilst we are organising the video, in the background, our structural design engineering team are calculating the final costs for the solution that you have asked us for and between us we have agreed will work.

Following the calculations we are then in a position to offer you a final price, which we hope is less than our estimate! Obviously, if the solution has grown in size or more features have been added or after the survey the canopy turns out to be more complex than we first discussed then you can expect the price to be different to our estimate. We always try to be open about this as we take you through our process – at any point we can always adjust the size, scale and complexity of the solution to meet your budget. 


The design engineering phase

All of our products are bespoke and tailored to the space you have available. It’s quite surprising how many things there are to avoid, drains, soffits, soil pipes, boiler flues etc. Our 360 point cloud scan data allows us to be really precise (accuracy to within 3 millimetres) in the design engineering phase of the project.

Our design and structural engineers take the 3D model that was created in step 3 and engineer all of the detail that is needed to manufacture your canopy in the form of CAD drawings. Once we have a final version of these we share this with you so that you can, if you wish, check the dimensions and detail. Some of our customers like to do this, some leave it up to us. That is entirely your choice.


The fabrication phase

As soon as we (you and your Kappie project manager) are happy to sign off the design, the engineering CAD drawings are released into production and make their way around one of the state of the art facilities, either in the Midlands, UK or in one of two locations in Europe.

To give you peace of mind, between them, our manufacturing facilities have fabricated thousands of carports and canopies and all work to our very high standards.



As soon as your canopy has made it into our warehouse and it has been checked by our warehouse team your project manager will contact you to arrange a fitting date.

Our fitting teams are employed by Kappion (no subcontractors) and are under the watchful eye of our construction manager, who makes sure that each and every customer gets the high standards of finish that we, and you expect. 

Our fitters are polite, hard working and very clean and tidy. They will leave your canopy and the area around the canopy in pristine condition, without exception.


We hope that this guide highlights the steps that we take to ensure that your boarding experience with us is transparent and really enjoyable.

We love very happy customers, engineering and beautiful things and you will see all of that that in our exceptional customer service & communication, craftsmanship and of course your shiny new Kappion carport or canopy!

If you have any questions about our process and solutions please do not hesitate to contact one of our Kappies on 01543 543 007.