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Note: This quote form below allows you to get an approximate price for your size. If you have an unusual configuration please email the dimensions with pictures or sketched plans to … Alternatively, please do not hesitate to call us on 01543 543 007 to discuss your requirements.

A lot of customers ask us how it works, how do we get a Kappion carport or canopy installed? Click here to read our on boarding guide.


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For a single carport, if you have the space, we would recommend at least 2.5 metres wide (W) x 6 metres long (L) x 2 metres high (H).
For a double carport, we would recommend at least 6 metres wide (W) x 6 metres long (L) x 2 metres high (H).


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e.g. driveway or patio tapers or canopy extends over roof

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