Wide Koi Pond Canopy

Our customer approached us with a requirement for a freestanding wide koi pond canopy to cover his 13,000-gallon koi pond. Peter loves his stunning koi pond and is enthusiastic about keeping his koi carp protected from birds of prey searching the sky above.

The initial visit with Peter was to discuss how large the span needed to be and the post positions. He also brought to our attention that he wanted to have a good view of the canopy from his windows. In normal circumstances, a canopy of this size in a different material would require intermediate posts in the middle of the gutter to aid in supporting the canopy. Due to our canopies being made of steel, we could achieve the span that Peter desired without intermediate posts.

We had a couple of options to overcome this issue and once we had discussed this with the manufacturers, along with the structural engineers the favoured solution was to upgrade the steel legs and steel gutter beams. This allowed us to create a steel freestanding canopy which complimented the surroundings and the beautiful pond.

Peter wanted us to complete the groundworks which consisted of concrete piers so that the canopy could be completely secured. Despite the wide span, we knew we would install a structurally sound canopy.

Once a delivery schedule had been confirmed, the installation team contacted Peter to organise an installation date. We faced some complexities due to the sheer weight of the canopy. This resulted in our professional fitting team using specialist lifting equipment to complete the installation. Once the framework was in place it was steady progress due to working above the pond and being especially careful so no debris went into the pond. Peter was always on hand to help out and ensure his Koi carp were not put at any risk.

The framework was in place after the first day, which left glazing with 10mm multi-wall Bronze polycarbonate on the second day, finishing off, levelling up, cleaning down and securing all around. The curves of the canopy with the dark framework really compliments the Koi pond and patio beautifully, without being bulky or obtrusive.

Peter was ecstatic with the canopy which gives him all year round protection for his Koi whilst providing a low maintenance canopy as opposed to a timber pergola, which would require regular treatment/painting.

Canopy Specifications

Location Beaconsfield
Purpose Koi Pond Canopy
Width 7.1 metres
Length 4.2 metres
Eaves Height 2.1 metres
Frame Colour Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Bronze

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