Bespoke Single Carport in Craven Arms

John approached us on behalf of his customer, Lillian, with a requirement for a single bespoke carport at the side of a property as Lillian wanted to protect her car from high winds, bird feces, and falling debris from the trees… She loved the look of our contemporary bespoke single carport.


Lillian lives in a beautiful rural area with lots of wildlife and vegetation. Whilst her property is situated in a beautiful scenic place, she was becoming fed up with the number of times that her car needed to be cleaned and was also concerned that it was not protected.

When designing the canopy for Lillian’s the only two things we had to overcome was sending the roof over her porch so that she has maximum protection and Lillian wanted to stay on the dry when she stepped out of her front door to go to her car. We had to inset the post by 1.2 metres to allow this to happen.

Furthermore, prior to the installation of the bespoke single carport, John, the local builder installed a nice flat concrete surface for us to bolt our footplates down to.

John and Lillian signed the final drawings off and wanted the structure to be powder coated in RAL 9016 Traffic White. This colour appealed to Lillian as it would compliment her property and match her porch colour. Lillian chose clear polycarbonate for the roof glazing in order to allow as much light as possible into the bespoke single carport.

Once a manufactured date had been confirmed, the installation team arranged a suitable date for the canopy to be delivered and erected.

Installation of the canopy was straightforward, in part due to the space available. The Kappion fitting team were efficient and worked around the clock and using all of their experience and expertise, the carport was installed in just one day.

Once installation was finished, we had a final wipe down and hand over with Lillian, who was extremely happy with the finished product.

Canopy Specifications

Location Craven Arms
Purpose Carport Canopy
Width 2.825 metres
Length 6.1 metres
Eaves Height 2.2 metres
Frame Colour Traffic White (RAL9016)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Clear

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