Carport Patio Canopy Installed in Manchester

Dr Nasar (our customer) approached us with a requirement for a canopy which would perform three tasks; carport, covered patio area and a covered area between his house and office (converted garage).

Carport Canopy Manchester

Initially Dr Nasar, only wanted a canopy to cover the patio area but his wife wanted the canopy extending to the front of the garage which would incorporate the carport and also allow enough space for her washing line to go under the canopy.

The initial visit allowed us to gather the information we needed to design the perfect solution. We determined that the canopy needed to be wall attached and also attached to the converted garage. Designing the canopy to this specification created some minor issues which had to be addressed at the design stage:

  • Soil & Downpipes on the house to be avoided.
  • Garage/Office not built parallel to the house.
  • Shed towards the rear of the canopy stepped in front of the garage building.
  • Canopy guttering to be harvested into the garage guttering.

The canopy drawings went through multiple revisions and were signed off with Dr Nasar requesting the canopy to be powder coated to RAL 9005 (Jet Black). Clear polycarbonate was selected for the roof to allow the optimum amount of light into the area and the windows and doors below the canopy.

We made a video, click play to watch:

Dr Nasar’s property featured a boiler flue which would be under the canopy. As a result, we would have had to design cranked posts and move the canopy appropriately prior to the installation which would have resulted in a small delay. As the boiler was quite old, Dr Nasar decided it was a good opportunity to replace the boiler with a more efficient model and get the flue extended at the same time.

Installation of the canopy was straightforward and by the end of the first day the canopy structure was erected and secured ready to be glazed. Once the canopy had been glazed and the guttering secured, the canopy was wiped down and handed over to Dr Nasar who was overwhelmed by the evident premium quality of his multi-purpose canopy.

Canopy Specifications

Location Manchester
Purpose Carport/Patio Canopy
Width 4.67 metres
Length 9.1 metres
Eaves Height 2.25 metres
Frame Colour Jet Black (RAL 9005)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Clear

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