Handover Leisure Canopy Installed at Lowdhams

Henry Mein Architects approached us on behalf of Lowdhams Leisureworld. Our customer wanted to redevelop the dispatch area of the caravan/camper-van showroom, and therefore required a leisure canopy for handovers to new customers.

Firstly, the main criterion was a canopy which would house four caravans/camper-vans at once after a valet clean. Following this, a salesperson would unveil the vehicle to the new owner undercover, consequently keeping the pristine vehicle clean.

Five Bay Handover Canopy
Five Bay Handover Canopy

Due to the size of the area, they wanted to cover the leisure canopy itself was four bays, each measuring 5.25 metres wide. In addition, the handover bay featured integrated gutters and internal down-pipes. Whilst the open space and simple design meant that we faced limited problems, the 3.6 metre height of the canopy resulted in a requirement for specialist lifting equipment.

Finally, Catherine and Lowdhams signed the final drawings off. Our customer decided that the structure will be powder coated in Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016), which would compliment the surroundings and building whilst providing a modern contemporary ambiance. We used clear polycarbonate for the roof glazing, which would give maximum light into the canopy.

Once we received a confirmed manufacture date, the installation team arranged a suitable date to deliver the canopy to the site and erect it

Installation of the canopy was extremely efficient as anticipated.  We needed to set the canopy out for the height of the first section perfectly otherwise it would affect the finished height of the second curve. Once the first bay was level, square and bolted down to the concrete pad using the footplates, the installation began to flow. Installation of the sizable handover canopy was completed in five days, including glazing the roof. Catherine and our customer were both ecstatic with the handover bay.

Canopy Specifications

Location Nottingham
Purpose Handover Bay
Width 21 metres (4 x 5.25m Bays)
Length 10 metres
Eaves Height 3.6 metres
Frame Colour Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Clear

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