Large Workshop Extension Canopy Suzuki Exeter

Our customer, Track’s Suzuki in Exeter, wanted to extend their workshop and vehicle valet area with a 104 square metre, large workshop extension canopy. They had an existing steel wall enclosure and the natural thing to do was to provide a shelter over that space and tuck the canopy into the recess above the roller door opening on the building. The result was a dry extended space for the team to work on and finish cars. Our customer had a good look around at what other companies could do but realised that only Kappion could do (exactly) what he wanted and at the right price. After the initial survey, which is performed using our state of the art 3d measuring and modelling equipment, the design was agreed and the engineering drawings produced. Due to the way that we work at Kappion there wasn’t a great deal to check, mainly because everything is so clearly defined in software and on our

Outdoor Construction Canopy Installed in Dudley

Outdoor Construction Canopy Dudley College

Our customer Steve from Dudley college approached us with a requirement for an outdoor construction canopy. Steve wanted it to be installed at the college construction centre in order to protect a mortar mixer from the elements. Outdoor construction canopy with full structural calculations First of all, Steve made an inquiry with us due to the durability and strength of our steel canopies. The strength of the canopy was important since it was to be installed on a construction site where it may be susceptible to damage. In addition, each outdoor canopy we install comes with full structural calculations. As a result, Steve knew that the outdoor construction canopy would be structurally sound. Steve signed off the final drawings following our site survey and then specified that he wanted the structure to feature a hot dip galvanised and powder coated finish to match the surrounding architecture. Furthermore, Steve chose clear polycarbonate for the roof glazing. This is because it allows