Outdoor Canopy

The best outdoor canopy there is at a surprisingly great price!

An outdoor canopy designed, manufactured and fully installed by Kappion will offer you the best use of your available space. Built to last! Fully guaranteed. Made from steel. Freestanding or wall attached. Bespoke design. Any size. Any Colour.

Outdoor Canopy

Our value for money outdoor canopy is often labelled unique, premium, luxury or high-end by our customers. And Kappion are the UK’s sole designers, manufacturers and installers of the Ultimate steel canopy structure – you can’t buy this canopy anywhere else.

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An outdoor canopy designed just for you

If you need it, our outdoor canopies can be designed to span large distances without the need for any intermediate posts, furthermore, as a result, this allows you to comfortably cover 3 standard parking spaces. The main advantage of being able to span the vast width is it increases the carports usability and removes any potential obstructions.

Our built-to-last outdoor canopies are hot dip galvanised for complete corrosion protection and then optionally powder coated to your chosen RAL colour. This provides a long-lasting finish.

An outdoor canopy, strong, custom designed, manufactured well

When you commission an outdoor canopy design and installation through Kappion Canopies you can be reassured that it will be custom designed to suit you and structurally engineered to work with your geographic location. It will be designed to withstand snow & moment loads and wind speeds for your area. The canopies installed are made from steel for the ultimate in strength and resilience. They are hot dip galvanised for complete corrosion protection. Once galvanised the canopy can be optionally powder coated to your chosen RAL colour. Finally, guttering and downpipes will be designed to meet your exact requirements, which will allow water to be directed to the nearest surface drain, keeping the area dry.

Outdoor canopy with premium features

Can Span 3 Cars
these canopies are able to span large distances without intermediate posts
made from steel they can stand on their own without the support of a building
Made from steel
our carports are super strong and can withstand severe weather conditions
Structural Calculations
fully engineered to provide snow, wind and moment loading for your peace of mind
Established Manufacturer
9000+ canopies installed across the world and counting…
Hot Dip Galvanised
for long lasting protection from the elements
Powder Coated
to a colour of your choice to help the canopy blend in to it’s surroundings and provide an extra level of protection
Choice of Glazing Colour
chose one of 3 polycarbonate colours. Includes a layer of UV protection
Professionally Installed
by the Kappion Carports & Canopies fitting team
Guaranteed and Supported
by Kappion Canopies. Your one-stop ultimate carport canopy team

Bespoke, design and professional comes as standard!!!

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