Smart Repair Canopy for

Deepak from approached us with a requirement for a smart repair canopy to provide coverage for workers completing repair jobs and washing vehicles. have a duty of care for their workforce and the environment and therefore needed a structurally sound canopy. Deepak wanted it to be safe, strong, long lasting but inexpensive. As we have an 1st class reputation when it comes to designing and installing canopies with large spans, Deepak knew our canopy was the right choice.


The canopy was a straightforward design and therefore the survey was relatively simple and straightforward. Our team quickly determined the exact dimensions that the canopy would need to be. Furthermore, the smart repair canopy would be bolted to a reinforced concrete pad and be free-standing, situated to the side of the main unit.

The freestanding steel canopy structures that we manufacture mean that although, in this instance, a 6-metre span was required, we did not need intermediate posts, obstructing the entrance. Consequently, space could be utilised as efficiently as possible, something that cannot be achieved with aluminium canopies.

Deepak signed off and said that the structure only needed to have a galvanised finish due to the application and location, which was out of the customers view. Clear polycarbonate was the most appropriate choice for the roof glazing as this would allow as much light into the area as possible, keeping it light and airy.

In conclusion, once a manufactured delivered date had been confirmed the installation team arranged a suitable date for the canopy to be delivered and erected. Installation of the canopy was straightforward and by the end of the second day, the job had been done. Supplying our customer with the perfect solution fills us with absolute joy!

Canopy Specifications

Location Desirable Car, Leicester
Purpose Smart Repair Canopy
Width 5.97 metres
Length 6.3 metres
Eaves Height 2.3 metres
Frame Colour Galvanised)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Clear

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