Doncaster Airport Car Valet Canopy

Our steel canopies provide the greatest coverage and protection, and their beauty, pragmatism and cost-effectiveness makes them ever more advantageous. Our customer Jason contacted us regarding a airport car valet canopy for the meet and greet area at the airport, so that whilst holidaymakers are enjoying the sun abroad they can have their cars valeted, and those cleaning them are protected from the elements.

During the site visit it was clear that this was going to be a straightforward installation because of the level ground and the open workspace that was utilised by the fitting team. Additionally, there was already a sufficient concrete base in situ. The site visit was mainly spent going over the exact size required, which was determined by the largest vehicles that are valeted at the airport such as large vans. We also discussed side panelling for protection against the wind and rain as well as to obstruct overspray from the jet wash polluting the area where clean cars were parked.

Once Jason confirmed the size of the canopy he opted for infill panels on both sides of the canopy. The production drawings were raised and signed off by Jason who chose not to have the framework powder coated, but just hot-dip galvanised which is a necessity, providing protection to the framework. We specified clear polycarbonate for the roof and side panelling, thus letting as much light as possible flood in to the work area underneath the canopy.

Once installation began the canopy took shape very quickly and by the end of the first day, the framework was bolted, secured and levelled in preparation for the roof glazing and side infill panelling.
The last day was spent glazing the canopy, and installing the downpipes and side panelling. Finally, the canopy was cleaned and inspected by Jason who was exceedingly pleased.

After installation it was evident that the galvanised finish complemented the clear polycarbonate panelling. The canopy looked sleek and substantial and the working area underneath the canopy was light and airy. Although this is a commercial car valet canopy, aesthetics is still an important factor for our customers. Our canopies not only do the job that they are meant to do, but they look stunning whilst performing.

Canopy Specifications

Location Robin Hood Airport, Doncaster
Purpose Car Valet Bay Canopy
Width 6.2 metres
Length 5.6 metres
Eaves Height 2.5 metres
Frame Colour Galvanised finish
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Clear

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