A Double Clapham Carport

Our double Clapham carport gave our customer premium coverage, great value for money and full protection from the elements. Our customer, Mr Gibson approached us wanting a double carport to be installed at the side of his property in Clapham, Bedfordshire.


Firstly, Mr Gibson lives in a beautiful location with a modern and contemporary looking house. He wanted a double carport canopy to not only provide protection but to complement the aesthetics of his property and vehicles.

Since the carport didn’t need planning permission we got the project moving fairly quickly. This was also helped by the customers’ excellent cooperation. Mr Gibson signed the final drawings off and asked for his Clapham carport to be powder coated in ‘Jet Black Textured’ (RAL9005), which would complement the surroundings and his property. Mr Gibson chose opal polycarbonate for the roof glazing which would complement the jet black framework.

Once a manufactured delivered date had been confirmed, the installation team arranged a suitable date for the canopy to be delivered and erected.

Finally, the installation of the double Clapham carport was very easy for our professional team, despite the cranked posts on either side. Two days were required to complete the installation. After a final wipe down and walk around with Mr Gibson to hand over the double Clapham carport, the customer was more than happy.

Canopy Specifications

Location Clapham Bedford
Purpose Double Car port
Width 5.19 metres
Length 5.26 metres
Eaves Height 2.16 metres
Frame Colour Jet Black (RAL 9005)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Opal

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One thought on “A Double Clapham Carport

  1. Hello there, this looks quite similar to what I am thinking of having done. My dimensions are 5.48M wide x 5.1M long with a double garage and 2 walls in front of the garage – 1 is my neighbours wall.

    Ideally also covered sides to the walls which are 1.9M high.

    Is the carport guaranteed against wind and snow?
    I have filled in the quote request

    Thanks, Mark

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