Accident Repair Valet Canopy Installed in Newcastle

Our customer Bill wanted a commercial canopy that could be used to wash vehicles that vary in size… our structurally sound, wide-spanning car valet solution was the answer.

Due to the application of the commercial canopy, the structure had to be very fairly large. Vehicles such as large vans would be washed underneath. Our solution was perfect due to the fact that we use steel rather than a weak aluminum, allowing our canopies to have a large span with no intermediate posts.

The main criteria was a valet canopy which would clean a range of vehicles without the water deflecting elsewhere. The canopy also needed to offer coverage to the workers who stand outside for the majority of the day valeting vehicles.

Due to the size of the area they wanted to cover, the commercial canopy itself was a double curved canopy and a fairly straightforward design, as the area was open with very few obstacles and obstructions. The open space also meant that the installers could work as efficiently as possible without any disruption.

Once the final drawings had been signed off our customer wanted the structure to have only a galvanised finish to help keep the cost down. Clear polycarbonate was also selected for the roof glazing and side paneling, ensuring that the maximum amount of natural light would be allowed into the canopy.

Bill was extremely happy with the superior structure that our professional fitting team installed and the canopy not only does its job but looks amazing too!

Canopy Specifications

Location CMFS Westerhope
Purpose Accident Repair Car Valet Canopy
Width 6 metres
Length 6.3 metres
Eaves Height 2.8 metres
Frame Colour Galvanised finish
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Clear

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