Bird Droppings Damage Your Car

bird droppingsThe big question is, can bird droppings seriously damage your car?

If you are reading this you might already know that the answer is yes!

Bird droppings definitely have a destroying effect on your cars paintwork. The way this happens is not from the mythical “acid” in bird droppings it is actually due to the cooling paint lacquer after the droppings have been deposited. When paint lacquer warms, in sunlight for instant, it softens and expands. During this time the bird droppings dry and harden. As the paint cools down again (over night for example) it hardens and ends up moulding itself around the textured bird droppings.. so when you do wash it off you are left with bubbled and damaged paint work. The only way this can be avoided is by removing the droppings straight away… and who wants to spend the day camped out watching for droppings to fall on their car?

Protect Your Car From Bird Droppings

So, can a carport canopy help protect your car?

Well, yes! Our Ultimate Carport Canopy is the perfect solution for protecting your car from bird mess! Apart from the aesthetically pleasing and stunning looks the Ultimate Carport Canopy provides you with a long term solution to the bird droppings problem. The polycarbonate roof glazing is not affected by the bird droppings and so provides that essential layer between the birds and your car!

Polycarbonate is easily cleaned with warm soapy water so even those Pigeons who seem to err… eat a lot and deposit a huge amount of droppings won’t be damaging that paintwork anymore. A lot of our customers go for the Bronze polycarbonate as it hides leaves and bird droppings quite well when you look up from underneath.

The Ultimate Carport Canopy blends into it’s environment and looks stunning set against trees, bushes, old buildings, modern buildings and other surrounding areas. It is also an asset, as it increases the value of your home due to its practical and capable application. Our Ultimate Carport Canopy has the best contemporary and sleek look compared with any other carport on the market.

Thinking about purchasing a canopy to protect your car? If you would like more information please get in touch. If you would like to request an estimate please use our Get a Quote! enquiry page.

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