Car Park Canopy Installed in Derbyshire

Marek our customer and the clients liaison officer for Derby Homes approached us with a requirement for a car park canopy to cover 5 car parking bays located in a residential mobile home park.

Marek was tasked with sourcing the canopy which was requested and financed by 5 of the residents to protect their vehicles from the surrounding trees. Said trees would regularly cover their cars in tree sap, branches, leaves and bird droppings.

As the canopy was going to be freestanding and in a communal area, aesthetics were just as important as function as a lot of people would come into contact with the canopy.

The initial visit was to determine size and area to be covered with the best design.  Once the drawings had been produced a second site visit was organised with Marek to confirm exact locations of footings and downpipes.

Due to cars getting larger and car parking spaces appearing to get smaller, we designed the outer legs to go on the outer edge of the area, this would allow the maximum space available for parking cars.

The canopy drawings were signed off and Marek and they chose RAL No.9002 (Grey White), with opal polycarbonate.

Once a manufactured date had been confirmed, the installation team arranged to do the groundworks the week before installation.

Once installation started, the canopy took shape quite quickly and by the end of the first day, the majority of the frame was installed and bolted together. The second day involved glazing the canopy frame with the multiwall polycarbonate, checking/securing all fixings and securing the posts to the concrete pads, whilst also finishing groundworks.

After speaking with a couple of the residents who were using the canopy they were extremely happy with the finished cover and were happy that they didn’t need to worry about the state their cars would get in now they were protected from the trees and debris.

Canopy Specifications

Location Derbyshire
Purpose Car Park Canopy
Width 5 metres
Length 13.1 metres
Eaves Height 2 metres
Frame Colour Grey White (RAL 9002)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Opal

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