Double Carport Canopy Installed in Salisbury

Sara (our customer) approached us with a requirement for a twin carport canopy to extend from the garage. Sara and her husband are classic car enthusiasts and have a range of pristine and well maintained exotic cars. They were looking to extend their garage to create additional parking for vehicles which would protect them from the elements and provide a covered area to clean and maintain the motors. Aesthetics were critical due to the location of the canopy (it would be the first thing that you see when you go through the gates) and also height due to the strict planning guidelines, being so close to the National Forest.

The initial visit was relatively straightforward, taking into consideration the surrounding area we was able to design a canopy around the garage door avoiding excess height. It was decided having two wall mounted brackets and two posts, that this would be the most discreet and efficient design.

The canopy drawings were signed off and Sara colour matched her house from the selection of RAL colours to ensure the carport was powder coated the same shade of White. They chose Bronze polycarbonate for the roof to shade the vehicles and soften the overall look.

The Ultimate Carport Canopy protecting cars. A 360 view from underneath! #theta360 #theta360uk –

Once a manufactured date had been confirmed, the installation team arranged to do the groundworks in preparation for the canopy install, which would be a week later. This was also a good opportunity for the Kappion team to get their first hands on view of the site ready for installation to take place. We also used this visit to confirm everything with Sara and her husband, who explained there had been some miscommunication regarding the downpipe outlets. They decided that they would prefer them to be at the back of the carport rather than the front, as they were planning on putting water butts against the garage. We looked at the issue and quickly figured we could manufacture a suitable bend and downpipe whilst installing the canopy using PVC downpipes which would go into their water butts.

Once installation started, the canopy took shape quite quickly and by the end of the first day, the roof structure was bolted together and glazed with polycarbonate. The second day involved securing the canopy via the wall brackets & leg posts whilst finishing off groundworks and the revised guttering.

Through our experience and forward planning this canopy installation went very smoothly with no major surprises and we are extremely pleased with the finished project. As soon as we had finished the paving, Sara and her husband were more than happy to show us around their excellent cars and they are already planning their next purchase!

Canopy Specifications

Location Salisbury
Purpose Twin Carport
Width 5.4 metres
Length 5 metres
Eaves Height 2.1 metres
Frame Colour Signal White (RAL 9003)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Bronze

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