Conveyor Canopy Installed at Birmingham Airport

Gavin, the project engineer from Daifuku Logan approached us to help protect a conveyor belt at Birmingham Airport.
The conveyor belt took luggage from one building to another and needed to be covered to protect the luggage and the conveyor from the elements.


Our conveyor canopy could be custom designed and manufactured using the existing 3D model of the mezzanine which the conveyor canopy would be mounted on, running horizontally to the building that it would also be attached to.

Our team conducted multiple site surveys due to the complexity of the canopy. As the conveyor canopy was to be installed on a 3.75 metres high mezzanine we had to completely bespoke the canopy with features such as custom-made footplates so that they didn’t overhang the mezzanine and could be attached using Lindapter plates.

10mm polycarbonate sheet was used for the roof and 25mm polycarbonate sheet to enclose the conveyor canopy on either side. However, a gap was left for a maintenance/access point on to the conveyor belt. Due to the installation location, we had to furnish Gavin with full structural calculations and load pressures for the canopy – all of our canopies come with full structural calculations.

Finally, Gavin approved the production drawings. The canopy only needed to have a galvanised finish as aesthetics were not as important as the function and protection of the conveyor canopy. We used clear polycarbonate sheet for both the infills and the roof to allow as much light into the conveyor belt as possible.

Once we had received confirmation of the canopy delivery date the team could arrange a suitable time for installation. Installation of the canopy was relatively straightforward.

Despite extremely rigid security measures due to it being an airport installation we encountered no problems. We had overcome the testing challenge of designing our most bespoke canopy to date. Our project manager and fitters worked extremely efficiently in order to complete the job within the week deadline. Above all, Gavin, Daifuku Logan and the airport management were pleased that Kappion delivered the perfect solution, as promised.

Canopy Specifications

Location Birmingham Airport
Purpose Conveyor Canopy
Width 3.89 metres
Length 12.935 metres
Eaves Height 2.7 metres
Frame Colour Galvanised
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Clear

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