Custom Europort Installed in MK

Peter contacted us back in 2020 about a requirement for a Europort to sit in front of his garage. Peter wanted a complex solution with multiple sliding doors so that he could park his cars and utilise all of the space to the front and side of his property.


We completed the initial survey and design consultation and sent over a video of the solution. Peter thought about it for a while and decided that he wanted to tuck the Europort around the back of his property between the garage and the garden. For this to work we had to manufacture a custom solution that would meet Peters requirements and expectations. We had to design some double sliding doors that would meet in the middle. Peter didn’t want floor rails or bolts to the doors had to float and join in the middle – as ever our structural engineers and designers came up trumps.

During our survey, we use our high tech 3D scanning equipment to scan the area. Our scanner collects all of the data and translates it into a point cloud file. We then design the canopy within the point cloud, ensuring it will fit the space perfectly. Our designers then create a 3D video walkthrough to show our customer, helping Peter visualise the final product.

After the Survey:

Shortly after viewing the 3D video and accepting his final price, we began engineering the canopy drawings which Peter promptly signed off. Peter requested for the structure to be powder-coated in RAL 9005 Jet Black fine-textured to complement his property and the surroundings. Furthermore, Peter chose Opal polycarbonate for the carport, keeping it light, airy and contemporary with a touch of added privacy. The Opal keeps the direct sunlight out and is by far the easiest to live with.

We offered Peter a built-to-last solution as all of our carports come with full structural calculations. Peter knew his carport would be extremely safe as we provided the wind, snow and moment loading calculations for every one of our structures.

Shortly after the manufactured date had been confirmed, the installation team arranged a delivery date in preparation for the installation.

Once we started, the installation of the canopy took shape pretty quickly and had been fully installed in just four days! Our fitters cleaned up the area and wiped down the canopy before handing it over to Peter. 

Peter is absolutely over the moon with his brand new Kappion Europort.

Canopy Specifications

Location Milton Keynes
Purpose Carport
Width 5.72 metres
Length 7.49 metres
Eaves Height (front) 2.2 metres
Frame Colour (RAL 9005) Jet Black fine-textured
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Opal

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