Industrial Storage Canopy installed in Aylesford

Gary from Hovat approached us with a requirement for a industrial storage canopy to provide protection to goods such as products and equipment. Hovat have a duty of care for their workforce and the environment and therefore needed a structurally sound industrial storage canopy with full structural calculations. Furthermore, Hovat required a substantial and sustainable yet cost-effective solution. Our canopy solution ticked all of the boxes.


The canopy design was very simple and therefore the survey was relatively straightforward. Our expert surveyor worked with Gary to determine post positions in order to incorporate a taper and cater for varying widths. In addition, it was agreed that the industrial storage canopy would be free-standing and bolted to the reinforced concrete surface adjacent to the main unit.

As a result of our canopies being made from extremely strong hot-dip galvanised steel, there weren’t to be any obstructions to the entrance as the canopy would feature no intermediate posts and a single curved span despite the width. Space could be utilised as efficiently as possible unlike with a aluminium canopy.

Gary signed off the CAD drawings and the industrial storage canopy went into production. Gary specified a galvanised finish due to the application and location of the canopy. Clear polycarbonate was specified for the roof material to enable the maximum light transmission.

Once convenient dates had been agreed with Gary the installation began and the canopy was swiftly erected. The installation was another stress-free process for our team of professions and Gary was overwhelmed with the finished product.

Canopy Specifications

Location Hovat, Aylesford
Purpose Industrial Storage Canopy
Width 5.375/6.22 metres
Length 9.05/9.09 metres
Eaves Height 2.715 metres
Frame Colour Galvanised
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Clear

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