Tapered Carport installed in Cumbria

Our customer David, approached us wanting to cover an awkward tapered area at the side of his garage. David’s garage sits on the side of a hill and halfway up a steep and long driveway between the road and the property. Our main aim for this project was for us to design a freestanding solution that would fit the space as effectively as possible.


David made his initial enquiry through our ‘Get Estimate’ page on our website, and we swiftly got back to him with an estimated price. David got back to us, letting us know that he was pleased with the price and wanted to go ahead with a site survey. We got our project manager on the case right away and booked in David for a site survey!

During our site survey, we use our high tech 3D scanner to scan the area and collect all of the data..this scanner allows us to show our customer a 3D visual of how the canopy will look within the space. On-site, our surveyor discussed all of his needs and requirements for the canopy. Such as RAL colour, polycarbonate colour, height, width, length and where he wanted his downpipe.

Following the site survey, we sent David his final price along with the 3D walkthrough visual, which he was over the moon with. The 3D visual was exactly what he wanted and our final price met his expectations. The carport drawings were created and shortly after signed off. RAL 8019 Grey Brown was specified for the canopy structure as it would match the garage and its surroundings. Additionally, David wanted the carport to feature a bronze polycarbonate roof to match.

Once the carport had been manufactured, our team arranged a suitable date for the carport to be taken to the site and installed. As expected, the carport fit the space perfectly and was fully installed within just a few days. David was thrilled with how well it blended in with and complemented his property. He can now park two cars underneath if he so desires.

Canopy Specifications

Location Cumbria
Purpose Carport
Width 5.12 metres/3.88 metres
Length 7.23 metres
Eaves Height 2.3 metres
Frame Colour Grey Brown (RAL 8019)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Bronze

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