Outdoor Working Canopy installed for SC Motor Factors, Kent

Jon from SC Motor Factors approached us with a requirement for an Outdoor Working Canopy to provide coverage for workers, equipment and products. SC Motor Factors ran out of space inside their unit, so they utilised the space in their side alley. Delivery vans reverse down the side alley and offload the deliveries. Due to the weather in this country,  everything kept getting water damaged. As we have an 1st class reputation when it comes to designing and installing canopies, Jon knew our canopy was the right choice.

Motorhome Canopy installed in Hutton Rudby

Andrew approached us in search of a made-to-measure motorhome canopy to cover his motorhome vehicle. Andrew recently had a new garage built, along side a long concrete slab, intended for his motorhome canopy. With the installation of the concrete slab, we decided to do bolt-to-surface leg posts. We needed to get the dimensions of Andrew’s garage in order to workout the height and length in which was needed for the motorhome canopy.