Bespoke Wall Attached Carport installed in Kent

Back in September, Phillip approached us with a need for a carport to cover his driveway and vehicle. As Phillip’s driveway is on the right-hand side of his property and is a single file driveway, the quarter curved carport would be the best solution for the space. Aesthetics were extremely important to our customer as his carport would be visible from the road.


The initial visit with Phillip was to discuss his needs and desires. The area was relatively straightforward to cover. He wanted to cover the space as efficiently as possible so we decided that we would attach two of the posts to his property and that the other two posts could be concreted below ground. Philip just wanted a carport that would keep him dry when getting in and out of his vehicle.

During the survey, our surveyor mentioned all of the possible styles that would work in the space. With help from our surveyor, Phillip decided on the Quarter Curved Carport style. To save space, we decided on integrated gutters and internal downpipes. This keeps everything really neat, tidy and out of the way.

Phillip was happy with the solution and therefore happy to sign off the canopy production drawings. He chose for the structure to be powder coated in Traffic White (RAL 7016), which would complement his property, fascia and gutters. He chose clear polycarbonate for the roof which would allow the maximum light transmission into the carport area.
Once we had a manufacture completion date the installation team arranged a suitable date whereby they could deliver and erect Phillip’s carport.

Soon after the installation started the canopy took shape very quickly and by the end of the day, the whole structure had been completed! After completion, our fitters gave Phil a quick tour of his finished canopy to ensure he was happy and up to standard…which of course it was.

Our fitters made sure to seal the polycarbonate up the property wall to avoid water ingress. Our engineers manufactured some custom trims to shoo the water onto the porch roof, and into the existing gutter without splashing! All of our canopies are finished to a very high standard!
Due to our extensive installation experience, planning and design this canopy installation went really smoothly with no surprises. We and our customer were extremely pleased with the finished product.

Canopy Specifications

Location Kent
Purpose Quarter Curved Carport
Width  2.35 metres
Length 5.45 metres
Eaves Height 2 metres
Frame Colour Traffic White (7016)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Clear

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