Large Industrial Europort Canopy installed in London

Back in June, our customer David reached out to us in need of a canopy to cover 3 large sprinter vans at one of his industrial estates located around the London area. Although this canopy has been installed in an industrial estate, David still wanted it to look good. Therefore, David opted for the Europort solution with wrap-around fascia.


After making his initial enquiry and receiving his quote, David wanted to go to the next stage, which was a site visit. Our project manager booked David in for a site survey at his nearest convenience. During the site survey, Gary, our surveyor for this project, took our high tech scanner and scanned the area. Our scanner is very clever, it collected millions of little points and converts them into a point cloud file. We can then design our customers canopy within that point cloud and show them a 3D visual. No need for a tape measure! We use top-of-the-range equipment! 

David discussed with Gary all of his thoughts and requirements for this canopy. Some of the requirements were to inset the front posts by 1m, which makes turning in and out of the canopy a lot easier. David wanted to enclose the canopy with Rhombus Shaped Spaced Larch infills on the left and right sides. David had seen these infills used on our previous installations and loved it! Infills weren’t required at the rear as the canopy is butted up to a brick wall. Gary relayed these notes to our designer and the 3D visual was born…

After the survey:

The 3D visual showed David that we could design the canopy to fit the space perfectly and maintain the aesthetics. We showed David 2 visuals, Option 1 – with posts in between each van and Option 2 with no intermediate posts. The cost of the structure to have no intermediate posts were a lot higher…because we have to bulk up all the steel to work with structural calculations and safety measures. David loved the visuals sent over to him and opted for Option 1 with intermediate posts, a valley gutter and curved rafters. David was eager to jump to the next step! 

David signed the final canopy drawings off and asked for his Europort to be powder coated in RAL 9005, which is our most popular colour choice! David decided on bronze polycarbonate for the roof glazing which is the most effective in regards to hiding debris from the skies and trees…not to mention the bronze colour would complement the framework nicely.

Once a manufactured delivered date had been confirmed, our project manager arranged with David a suitable date for the erection of his Europort. 

Consequently, the installation of David’s Europort wasn’t the easiest due to the extensive groundworks and digging our fitters had to do. The top layer of ground was tarmac with thick concrete underneath, then soil and more concrete! We weren’t aware of the second layer of concrete but our fitters powered through and got the structure concreted in. The fitters underpinned the structure to support the weight and loadings of this large Europort. Once the groundwork had been completed, they flew through the installation! 

We always leave the site in a good clean condition, our lads’ tarmacked around the posts to match with the original ground. After a final wipe down and walk around, we handed it over to David who was overjoyed with the finished product!

Canopy Specifications

Location London
Purpose Carport
Width 9 metres
Length 8.5 metres
Eaves Height 3.33 metres
Frame Colour Jet Black (RAL 9005)
Infill Material Spaced Larch (Rhombus Shaped)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Bronze

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