Contemporary Freestanding Carport installed in London

Installed at the end of 2021 for our TV Celebrity Customer. We don’t want to disclose our customers’ identity… so for the sake of this blog post, we shall refer to him as Jeff. Jeff reached out to us back in August looking for a wide quarter curved carport. Shortly after receiving his estimate, Jeff was happy with the price and wanted to go ahead with a site survey.


During Jeff’s site survey…Gary (our surveyor) scanned the area using our high tech scanner, which collects millions of little points and conveys them into a point cloud file. Within this point cloud file, we are able to design the canopy in our customers’ space, virtually. On-site, Jeff discussed with Gary what style of canopy he wanted and how he had envisioned the canopy to look. Jeff wanted a Quarter Curve carport, to be wide as possible and for the height at the rear to be 2.9m.

Furthermore, Jeff wanted to maximise his space as he has quite a narrow driveway leading down to where he wanted the canopy. As you can see, he has a turntable to cater to this. Jeff requested to have the canopy posts up against the wall and fencing to maximise the width and save space. He also did not want any intermediate posts, so a gutter/beam combo would be needed. 

After the survey:

Once our designers got onto the point cloud, they designed the canopy as Jeff requested, but it didn’t look right/work well. We, therefore, sent two designs to our customer. The 2nd design was a half curve carport, which works better in the area regarding height and isn’t as costly. Jeff and his wife both agreed that the 2nd design was definitely the way forward. On-site, Jeff told us that the tree at the rear RHS could not be removed, but could be trimmed back. The designers designed the canopy with that in mind and spaced 2 of the rafters wider than the others. We also added our signature wrap-around fascia to the front of the canopy to hide the gutter & beam combo. Additionally, the two left posts were used as downpipes to keep furniture to a minimum. 

The 3D visual showed Jeff and his wife that we could design the canopy so that it would fit the space perfectly. As well as this, the visual showcased the aesthetics reassuring our customer that the canopy would look stunning and fit beautifully with the surroundings.

Jeff signed the final canopy drawings off and asked for his Half Curved Carport to be powder coated in RAL 9005, which matches his gates and blends well with its surroundings. Jeff decided on bronze polycarbonate for the roof glazing which would complement the framework nicely and is most effective for hiding debris from the sky and surrounding trees.

Once a manufactured delivered date had been confirmed, our project manager arranged with Jeff a suitable date for the erection of his Carport. 

Finally, the installation of Jeff’s Half Curve Carport was fairly simple. Our fitting team completed the installation within two days. After a final wipe down and walk around, we handed it over to Jeff & his wife, who were overjoyed with the finished product!

Canopy Specifications

Location London
Purpose Carport
Width 7.86 metres
Length 4.56 metres
Eaves Height 2.3 metres
Frame Colour Jet Black (RAL 9005)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Bronze

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