Tapered Koi Pond Canopy installed in Northampton

Our customer Martin approached us with a requirement for a freestanding canopy to cover his koi pond. Martin obviously loves his koi pond and is enthusiastic about keeping his koi carp protected from birds of prey searching the sky above.


After our estimated price was well received, we organised a site survey and design consultation with Martin. We discussed every aspect of the project. Martin wanted his Canopy to be the same shape as his koi pond, meaning it would be tapered. Martin wanted the 2 front posts sitting behind the wooden blocks. Eventually, Martin will fill in the garden behind the wooden blocks with earth and create a beautiful flower bed.

The 3D scans taken on-site were then used to create a 3D video walkthrough of the canopy, showing it in situ. Martin was over the moon with the design as it was exactly what he has envisioned. Therefore we went off and calculated a final price for him.

Order Placed:

The final price met Martin’s expectations so he placed his order with us and our engineers quickly begun the CAD drawings. Martin asked for the canopy structure to be powder-coated in RAL 9005 Jet black fine textured finish as it’s modern, and black blends well with any colour.

Furthermore, Martin told us that he would not require us to provide and install a polycarbonate roof, he wanted to source it himself. Martin chose to glaze his canopy roof in black decorative screens. As you can see from the photos above, this combination works very well. A brilliant choice made by Martin! 

Once the canopy had been manufactured, our project manager arranged a suitable date for the koi pond canopy to be delivered and erected. The structure was fully installed within just two days. The tapered canopy fits perfectly around the koi pond! Martin couldn’t be happier with his brand new Kappion Canopy!

Canopy Specifications

Location Northampton
Purpose Koi Pond Canopy
Width (front) 4.995 metres
Width (rear) 1.878 metres
Length (left) 4.4 metres
Length (right) 5.55 metres
Eaves Height (front) 2.2 metres
Eaves Height (rear) 1.91 metres
Frame Colour Jet Black (RAL 9005)

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