22-metre long Canopy installed for Uplands Manor Primary School

Sharon from Uplands Manor Primary School approached us with the requirement for a 22-metre long canopy. Sharon expressed to us that the slope on the mono-pitched roof had to aline with their existing canopy roof, as this canopy would effectively work as an extension. This would provide them with a total of 50m of coverage!

Shortly after Sharon’s enquiry, we sent an estimated price over to her! Our customer was happy with our estimate and wanted to move to the next step. We booked Sharon in for a site survey on a day that best suited her and our surveyor. During the survey, Sharon expressed all of her needs and requirements for the proposed canopy, which of course we could achieve! Our customer service is like no other!

During our site surveys, we use our very clever 360 Leica scanner. The scanner effectively takes multiple photographs of the area along with millions of little points…which then creates a point cloud file. We can then design the canopy within this point cloud..ensuring it fits perfectly against the property. 

Following the survey, the surveyor passed all this additional information on to the designer along with the scans. The designer then created a 3D video walkthrough to show Sharon the canopy in situ. This visual helps our customers to visualise the final product against the building. Sharon saw the visual and approved it right away as it was everything she was expecting.

Drawings sign-off:

After confirming a few details like the RAL colour, polycarbonate colour and infill material, we began the in-depth production drawings. After 1 revision, Sharon signed off the production drawings…so we sent the 22m long canopy into production! 

As soon as our team had a manufacture completion date, we organised a suitable delivery date in order to start the installation as soon as possible. Our team got off to a great start. Due to our design and project planning expertise, the canopy fitted the space perfectly and the installation was complete within 3.5 days.

We were able to offer Uplands Manor Primary School with a multi-functional solution that comes with full structural calculations, ensuring that their canopy would be extremely safe. Practical as well as stunning, we could position posts to ensure that they would not be too obstructive and use a bespoke wall bar to wall-attach the canopy.

Canopy Specifications

Location Smethwick
Purpose Canopy
Width 3 metres
Length 22 metres
Eaves Height 2.5 metres
Frame Colour RAL 9016 Traffic White
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Opal

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