Bespoke Qubik Carport with Larch infills installed in Sidmouth

Tiku approached us back in October and knew exactly what he wanted. He had seen our carports all over social media, but our flagship solution ‘The Qubik’ really stood out to him…as it does to more than half of our customers. It is the most contemporary-looking style we offer!

After Tiku made his first enquiry for a 5m x 4.8m carport, our estimators got back to him the same day with an estimated price. Tiku was happy with the estimate at hand and wanted to take it to the next step. This would be the site visit. We do charge £300 for our site visits, but this is retracted from the total cost when our customer places their order. 


During our site visit, Gary, our surveyor scanned Tiku’s driveway area using our very clever 3D Leica scanning equipment. Our scanner collects millions of little points, later allowing us to group up and open up on our computer. Our designers can then work within the scan and create a 3D visual for our customers to see. This 3D visual showed Tiku exactly how the canopy would look on the driveway next to his house and in front of his garage. 

Drawings sign off:

Tiku was blown away by the 3D visual and expressed to us that it was exactly what he wanted and even better than he envisioned in his head. With the approval of Tiku, we sent the drawings off to our structural engineers to be priced up as the sizes had slightly changed from his estimated price. Once we had the final price back, we sent it off to Tiku to review. Tiku ok’d the price and we sent his Qubik Carport into production!

Our designers had put a lot of thought into Tiku’s design, ensuring he had the very best solution. Both rear posts were inset 130mm to allow the wrap-around-gutter to overhang his existing garage. Following on to this detail, we had to change the direction of the rafters to ensure we complied with our structural calculators’ calculation. This was so all the weight from the rafters wasn’t on the overhang at the rear. 

As discussed on site, Tiku wanted his downpipe to be on one of the rear posts, facing his eco drain. Tiku also did not want his carport to be attached to his property, so all of the posts were therefore concreted 600mm below terrain. Although Tiku did not want his carport wall attached, we did include a trim to add to the LHS of the carport so water did not drip on him when walking in and out of his utility room door. On the RHS, Tiku wanted spaced larch infills just for looks, but of course, this also provides him with added protection.


Once Tiku’s canopy had been manufactured, our project manager organised an installation date that worked well with Tiku’s schedule. This Qubik carport took a total of 2 days to install. The first day was all about securing the structure concreting into the ground, the second day was spent installing the polycarbonate sheets onto the roof and the spaced larch infills on the right-hand side. Once the installation was complete, our fitters had a final wipe down and cleared up the area. They then handed over the Carport to Tiku.

From start to finish this project had a fast turnaround, and the customer absolutely loves the final product. 

Canopy Specifications

Location Sidmouth
Purpose Qubik Carport
Width 5.425 metres
Length 4.665 metres
Eaves Height 2.45 metres
Frame Colour RAL 8019 Grey Brown, Fine Textured
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Opal

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