Charging Bay Canopies installed for Tesla, Reading

Peter from Tesla in Reading contacted us with a requirement for a 28-metre canopy in 4 x 7 metre wide bays. The bays would provide protection for up to 8 vehicles whilst charging. Peter relayed to us that the canopies needed to be installed in time for the opening of their new Tesla service centre.


After suggesting various designs and providing Peter and his colleagues with estimates that they were happy with, we sent our surveyor to site to take measurements and scans. We could then show Peter exactly how the canopy would look in the space by providing him with a 3D visual. Peter loved the visual, it was exactly what he was looking for.

Our final price was accepted and so Tesla’s charging bay canopies were added to our pipeline. The CAD drawings produced by our engineers matched the design so we and Tesla were happy to sign them off straight away. Peter asked for the structure of the canopy to be powder coated in RAL 7043 Traffic Grey fine-textured to match the surrounding buildings. Clear polycarbonate was most appropriate for the roofing material as we wanted to ensure that the space underneath the canopy was bright, light and airy.

Our structural engineers had to work with the groundworks structural engineers to agree a foundation design. The snow, wind and moment loadings were calculated for the postcode and the load pressures were supplied. The reason this was critical was because the ground where the canopies were installed was actually a first floor. Below the canopy level there is a basement. The foundations had to effectively be bolted through a 300mm of concrete, hence the reason why the blocks are visible above ground. These will be finished off and protection put in place to avoid collision. The groundworks services were supplied by Hagley Builders.

Before Peter knew it the design engineering and manufacturing of the charging bay canopies was complete and we were erecting the structures on site.

We had a few challenges with these canopies mainly because they are high and very wide. Fortunately, we have all the right kit to install canopies this size, safely. We used our truck with a HIAB crane to lift the steels into place, it makes light work of the lifting, leaving the guys to simply nut and bolt everything together. The whole solution was installed within 4 days and Peter and the whole team at Tesla Reading were very happy with the final result.

Canopy Specifications

Location Reading
Purpose Charging Bay Canopy
Width 28 metres
Depth 6 metres
Height (eaves) 3.2 metres (including the concrete blocks)
Roof Colour 10 mm Clear
Frame Colour RAL 7043 Traffic Grey fine textured

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