Half-Curved Canopy installed for Camper Love, Sutton

Our customer Adrian from Camper Love in Sutton contacted us in need of a handover bay to protect finished (ready for collection) campers from the elements. Adrian wanted to create a memorable (and dry) experience for his customers when collecting their new camper van. Adrian wanted the canopy to be installed to the right-hand side of their reception and the frame colour to match the building.  


We sent Gary, our surveyor out to Adrian at Camper Love to take some measurements and talk to him about the different solutions and styles that we have to offer. Furthermore, we used our high tech scanning equipment to scan the desired area. From these scans, our designers are able to design and create a perfect solution that would fit the area perfectly. A 3D visual in form of a video is then sent to our customer. These designs are great for showing how well the canopy will fit the space and how the aesthetics of the canopy will complement the area.

On-site, Adrian expressed his concern about having a post in the way of the decking & reception windows. As all of our canopies are fully bespoke and made to measure, this was no issue for us. We were able to inset the post and add in a tidy gallows which keeps the post tucked back. This configuration allows the roof to cantilever forward in line with the building. The beauty of what we do – custom engineering.

After The Survey:

Adrian loved the 3D visual and accepted our final price, we engineered the canopy CAD drawings which Adrian later signed off with a request for the structure to be powder-coated in RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey fine-textured to complement the surroundings. Furthermore, Adrian chose Clear polycarbonate for the handover bay canopy, keeping it light, airy and contemporary. 

Once the canopy had been manufactured, a suitable installation date/time was arranged so that we could start the installation when convenient for Adrian. It was evident after the installation that our customer was over-joyed with the quality and finish of his Kappion hand over bay canopy as well as the professionalism of our installation team.

Canopy Specifications

Width 7 metres 
Length 6.72 metres 
Eaves Height 3.05 metres
Roof Material  10mm Clear Polycarbonate
Frame Colour 7016 Anthracite Grey fine textured

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