Commercial Storage Canopy Installed in Coventry

XL Accident Repair Centre, our customer got in touch with us as they had a requirement for a commercial storage canopy to park and store new car bodies whilst they were waiting to be installed.

The area where the canopy was erected had a few obstacles that had to be avoided, such as the storm drain at the side of the factory unit. The canopy also needed to be wider at the front and narrower at the rear to allow for the boundary fence and make maximum use of the space available.

Once the final drawings had been signed off XL Motors wanted the commercial storage canopy to be powder coated in Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016), which would compliment the surroundings, factory building and area. They chose Bronze polycarbonate for the roof glazing, which would shade the vehicle bodies from the elements and provide some privacy.

Once a manufactured/delivered date had been confirmed, the installation team arranged a suitable date for the canopy to be delivered and erected.

Installation of the commercial storage canopy was slow going at first, due to the undulation in the ground. After the initial set out (and a very HOT and sunny first day) the canopy installation was straight forward and by the end of the first day the majority of the canopy structure was in place and erected. On the second day we glazed the canopy, and completed a final wipe down and handover with our client.

Canopy Specifications

Location Coventry
Purpose Storage Canopy
Width 14.7 metres
Length 5.5 metres
Eaves Height 2.25 metres
Frame Colour Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Bronze

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