Motorhome Canopy installed in Cambridgeshire

Andy approached us last year in hopes we could provide him with a canopy to cover and protect his motorhome. The debris from the surrounding trees kept falling onto his motorhome roof. As Andy could not remove these trees, the only logical option was to purchase a canopy for protection. Andy had seen our work all over social media, so he knew we were the guys for the job!


Although we aren’t round the corner from Cambridge, we install carports and canopies all over England, Scotland and Wales so Andy knew that we could equip him with the best solution. Soon after our estimate, we arranged a site survey at Andy’s home.

After the survey:

After conducting our survey we knew exactly what Andy wanted. A very simple curved motorhome canopy with 3 cranked posts, 3 straight posts and 6 downpipe outlets. All posts are to be concreted into the ground. We showed Andy a 3D video walkthrough of the design we had come up with, which showed him exactly how the canopy would look against his property. Andy loved the design, so we put together his final price.

Before we could send Andy’s canopy into production, he needed to obtain planning permission from his local council due to the height of the canopy and because the canopy would be visible from the road. Planning permission was accepted, but now Andy had to get in touch with an arboriculturist as he has a TPO on two of the trees in his garden. An arboriculturist came out to conduct a report, the report was then reviewed by the council. They saw no issue with the canopy but would need an extensive amount of images during installation as proof we weren’t damaging the tree in any way.  If the tree were to be damaged, there would be a fine of up to £10,000. 

With that out the way, Andy accepted his final price. Our engineers quickly got on with the production drawings. Andy signed the final drawings off and wanted the structure to be powder coated in RAL 7012 Basalt Grey fine-textured which would look classy, contemporary and look fantastic against his cosey property. Bronze polycarbonate was chosen for the roof glazing which is the most efficient when it comes to fallen debris and bird excrement etc.

Once a manufactured date had been confirmed, the project manager arranged a suitable date for the motorhome canopy to be delivered and erected. Installation of the motorhome canopy was straightforward as the canopy fitted the space perfectly (thanks to our high tech Leica scanner!)  Andy was pleasantly surprised by how quickly we erected his canopy. All that’s left to do is the groundwork, which will be carried out by a third-party company, organised by Andy himself. 

“Brilliant ‘canopy’, Kappion team were super helpful through the planning stages, and sorted everything out, including Heras fencing to protect trees under a TPO. Job done in 2 days. Looks fab, and my wife is ‘delighted’.”

Canopy Specifications

Location Cambridgeshire
Purpose Motorhome Canopy
Width 4 metres
Length 8.4 metres
Eaves Height 3 metres
Frame Colour RAL 7012 Basalt Grey fine-textured
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Bronze

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