Qubik Patio Canopy installed in Hornchurch

Installed for our customer in Hornchurch. Back in August of last year, Chris contacted us with a requirement for a quarter curved patio canopy covering the rear end of his property. Chris knew that he would have to go through planning permission for this patio canopy has the total height would be over 2.5m, meaning it would not fit in with permitted development. We sent over Chris his initial estimate, which he was pleased with. Following on from the estimate, our project manager organised a site survey with Chris to scan the area.

Qubik-Chris Rivals-004
Qubik-Chris Rivals-002
Qubik-Chris Rivals-005
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Qubik-Chris Rivals-001

During the survey with Chris, we discussed the size of the canopy, the post positions, wall attached posts and infill options. We used our high tech laser scanner to determine the exact size of the space and therefore the proposed canopy. Our scanner captures a detailed scan of the desired area and transfers them into a point cloud file. Chris spoke to our surveyor about possibly having 2 canopies, 1 covering the play area for his grandkids. He wanted the Qubik style. We scanned both areas and provided him with 2 visuals showcasing this along with the prices for both. Chris was blown away by the 3D walkthrough and said he would get back to us with his final decision after speaking with his wife.

Shortly after, Chris came back to us with his final decision. Chris and his wife loved the Qubik option..so they sent the design off to be determined for planning permission. 

Planning Permission Granted

A fair few months had passed and Chris came back to us with the great news of being granted planning permission! Chris, therefore, placed his order for the Qubik canopy, to be used as an eating area and play area. He asked for the canopy to be powder-coated in RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey and wanted 1 wall of solid aluminium infills at the rear for added protection and privacy. Chris wanted the roof to be glazed in opal structured polycarbonate which is ideal for hiding bird faeces, falling debris from trees and wanting to keep the canopy light and airy. The polycarbonate has a protective UV layer so it protects the humans and pets below.

Order Placed:

Once a manufactured date had been confirmed, our project manager arranged a date for the installation team to deliver and erect the canopy. Our second-to-none customer service meant that Chris & his wife was constantly kept updated which he was very happy about.

Once installation began, the canopy took shape fairly quickly. The installation took a total of 2 days. The 2nd day was spent glazing the canopy roof with polycarbonate, finishing off the wall of infills and cleaning up the area.

Chris & his wife were overjoyed with the result and can’t wait to get out and use the new space along with their grandkids! We provided our customers with a bespoke canopy solution that ticked all of their boxes!

Canopy Specifications

Location Hornchurch
Purpose Qubik Patio Canopy
Width 2.65 metres
Length 9.83 metres
Eaves Height 2.25 metres
Frame Colour Anthracite Grey (RAL7016)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Opal
Infill Material Solid Aluminium Slats

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