Single Carport installed in Cheltenham

Jill approached us with a requirement for a single carport that would protect her vehicle from bird excrement, falling debris and weather elements. Jill already had a carport in place, but it was broken and damaged. We knew that we could provide the best solution for Jill. 


Not long after Jill’s enquiry, we arranged a site visit where we conducted a survey. Jill wanted her carport away from her property, but also wanted it to match the colour of her doors and windows. The area was relatively open and uncomplicated so we knew that we would be able to meet the needs of our customer efficiently.

Jill signed off the final drawings and chose RAL 7036 Platinum Grey, which perfectly matched her doors and windows, as requested. Jill then chose clear 10mm polycarbonate to allow as much light into the carport as possible.

Our team confirmed the manufacture date and then contacted Jill to organise an installation date that would best suit her schedule. Due to the efficiency of our team, we managed to complete the installation in 1 day. The team then inspected the carport along side Jill, to ensure she was happy with the installation.

Location Cheltenham
Purpose Carport
Width 3.2 metres
Length 6 metres
Eaves Height 2 metres
Frame Colour (RAL 7036) Platinum Grey
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Clear

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