Wash Bay Canopy installed for Godalming Ambulance Station

Patrick at Godalming Ambulance Station contacted us with the need of an ambulance wash bay canopy. As the ambulances need to be washed and cleaned every single day,  a wash bay canopy was a necessity. Due to harsh weather conditions, Patrick wanted to please his workforce and offer them the protection that’s promised with one of our wash bay canopies.  As the workers would be underneath the canopy for most of the day, the wash bay canopy had to be structurally sound. 

Motorcycle Valet Canopy, Harley Davidson

Our steel canopies provide the greatest coverage and protection and their beauty, pragmatism and cost-effectiveness make them the real deal. Our customer contacted us regarding a motorcycle valet canopy for the Shaw Harley Davidson Site as they absolutley recognised us a professional canopy company. First and foremost, during the site visit it was clear that this was going to be a straightforward installation because of the level ground and the open workspace that was utilised by the fitting team. Additionally, our contact at Harley Davidson said that he would arrange for staff to excavate each footing prior to our installation. The site visit was mainly spent going over the exact size required and making the most of the space. We also discussed side panelling for protection against the wind and rain as well as to obstruct overspray from the jet wash polluting the area where customers park their cars. The side panelling had to be flat to allow for branding,