Two Contemporary Carports installed in Cornwall

Nigel enquired back in August of 2022 wanting a quotation for a 4m x 13m carport. Our estimators sent back the quotation, Nigel was pleased with the quote as it was around about what he was expecting. The next step was a site survey. We always send estimates before coming out to survey, it avoids wasting our time or our potential customer’s time if the price does not work for them.


During Nigel’s site survey…Gary (our surveyor) scanned the area using our high-tech scanner, which collects millions of little points and conveys them into a point cloud file. Within this point cloud file, we are able to design the canopy in our customers’ space, virtually. On-site, Nigel discussed with Gary what style of canopy he wanted and how he had envisioned the canopy to look. Nigel toyed with the option of having two canopies, so we scanned the other potential area. 

After the survey:

Once our designers got onto the point cloud, they designed the canopies as Nigel requested. The 1st carport is a wall attached quarter curve with fascia added to the front section, which provides more of a contemporary look. As the wall tapered on the LHS, we cranked the posts to fit behind the columns in the wall, keeping the posts somewhat hidden. The 2nd carport design is a half curve carport, which works better in the area regarding height. Also, it isn’t as costly. We strategically located the posts on the 2nd carport to allow Nigel to drive his car into the garage with ease (if ever required). 

The 3D visual showed Nigel that we could design the canopies so that it would fit the space perfectly. As well as this, the visual showcased the aesthetics reassuring our customer that the canopies would look stunning and fit beautifully with the surroundings.

Nigel signed the final canopy drawings off and asked for both carports to be powder-coated in Jet Black (RAL 9005), which matches his gates and blends well with its surroundings. Nigel decided on opal polycarbonate for the roof glazing which would complement the framework nicely, hides the debris and keeps the carport looking fresh. And because it’s white in appearance it reflects the light really well.

Once a manufactured delivered date had been confirmed, our project manager arranged with Nigel a suitable date for the erection of his Carports. 

Finally, the installation of Nigel’s Quarter Curve Carports was fairly simple. Our fitting team completed the installation within 4.5 days. After a final wipe down and walk around, we handed over to Nigel & his wife, who were overjoyed with the finished products!

Canopy Specifications

Location Cornwall
Purpose Carport
Carport 1 (Length x Width x Eaves Height) 7.79m x 3.82m x 2.2m
Carport 2 (Length x Width x Eaves Height) 7.87m x 4.62m x 2.2m
Frame Colour Jet Black (RAL 9005)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Opal

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