Large Qubik Carport + tapered Storage Room installed in Buckinghamshire

Our customer, Barry reached out to us back in February….with the requirement for a Qubik carport. He had seen them all over our social media and fell in love with the contemporary look that our flagship Qubik carport provides. Barry knew from the get-go that Kappion could deliver a beautiful contemporary built-to-last solution that would transform his space.
Barry requested an estimate for a 6m x 6m Qubik carport and our estimators got back to him a day later with his estimated price. Barry accepted the estimated price and requested a site survey. Our project manager liaised with Barry to organise a suitable date to visit and conduct the site survey and design consultation.

During the survey, we discussed the size of the carport, the post positions,  infill options, polycarbonate options and the possibility of a tapered storage room with 2 lockable swing doors.

On-site, we use our high-tech laser scanner to determine the exact size of the space and therefore the proposed carport. Our scanner captures a detailed scan of the desired area and transfers them into a point cloud file. Our designers can then begin designing the carport to fit the space perfectly and create a 3D visual for customers.

Barry loved his 3D visual and was really impressed with the technology! We showed Barry that we could bespoke manufacture a 6m x 6m Qubik with a tapered section on the right side for his storage room. Barry accepted the final price & asked for his carport to be powder-coated in 7016 Anthracite Grey fine textured. Barry wanted the roof to be glazed in Opal structured polycarbonate which is contemporary and allows lots of light to flood the carport and storage room. The polycarbonate has a protective UV layer so it protects humans, cars and everything below.

Order Placed:

Shortly after accepting the final price, Barry’s carport + Storage Room combo was sent into production! Once the structure had been manufactured and a manufactured date had been confirmed, our project management team arranged a date for the installation team to deliver and erect the Qubik carport.

Once installation began, the Qubik + Storage Room combo took shape fairly quickly. The installation took a total of 3.5 days…which is pretty quick when you think about the taper, the 2 doors and all of the infills! 

Barry couldn’t be happier with his brand new Kappion Canopy! Next, Barry is going to get his driveway levelled and finished!

Canopy Specifications

Location Buckinghamshire
Purpose Qubik Carport + Storage Room
Width  (Carport) 6 metres
Length  (Carport) 6 metres
Width  (Tapered Storage Room) 160cm / 4.5m 
Length  (Tapered Storage Room) 6.1m
Gutter Height 2.25 metres
Frame Colour Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Opal
Infill Material (Carport) Rhombus-Shaped Spaced Larch
Infill Material (Storage Room) WPC 

Thinking about purchasing a Qubik carport canopy? If you would like more information please get in touch. If you would like to request an estimate please use our ‘Get Estimate’ enquiry page.