Large Tractor Canopy installed in Cornwall

Our customer Tom approached us with a requirement for a large canopy to cover and protect his tractors and machinery. He wanted to protect his equipment from the high winds, bird faeces, and of course whatever the UK weather throws at us. As Tom owns an alpaca farm, he also wanted to store his alpacas under the canopy during the summer months.

Tom knew our tractor canopy would provide the ultimate protection and be structurally safe. Each and every one of our canopies come with full structural calculations for wind, snow and moment loading.


Tom wanted his tractor canopy to completely cover the area and protect his tractor and machinery, which meant it had to be 7.3m long. This was no problem at all as all of our canopies are bespoke, meaning Tom’s tractor canopy was made to measure. In addition, Tom wanted his tractor canopy to blend in with the farm and industrial surroundings, therefore he opted for a galvanised finish. 

During our survey with Tom, we used our 3D Leica scanner to scan the area. Once our surveyor arrives back to the office, he will hand over the scans to our designers who then begin designing the canopy to fit in the space perfectly. All of the posts had bolt down footplates so that the posts could be bolted to the reinforced concrete surface. In addition, integrated down-pipes were chosen to maintain the simplicity of the tractor canopy. This means we use a post as the downpipe as well. Only a small spout pokes out of the post to let the water out.

Tom signed the final drawings off and wanted the structure to be galvanised only, which would complement and blend with the farm-like surroundings; due to the industrial nature of the tractor canopy, the powder coating was not required. Tom chose clear polycarbonate for the roof glazing to keep it light and airy underneath the canopy. Tom also opted for a stormshield infill at the rear to stop the driving rear from entering the canopy.

Once a manufactured date had been confirmed, our project manager arranged a suitable date for the canopy to be delivered and erected.

Installation of the canopy was fairly straightforward, in part due to the space available. The only limitations were the difference in ground level, but due to the 3D Leica scanner, we were able to manufacture without regulation.  The footplates were easily bolted down after the structure was lifted into the air using specialist lifting equipment. Furthermore our fitters fabricated a special channel drain on site to allow water to flow out of the rear downpipes into the drain more efficiently. The Kappion fitting team were efficient and worked around the clock and using all of their experience and expertise, the tractor canopy was installed in just two days.

Once installation was complete, out fitters had a final wipe down and hand over with our customer Tom, who was extremely happy with the finished product.

Canopy Specifications

Location Bodmin, Cornwall
Purpose Tractor Canopy
Width 6.7 metres
Length 7.3 metres
Eaves Height 3.5 metres (highest point)
Frame Colour Galvanised
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Clear
Infill Material Stormshield

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