Walkway Canopy installed for Nirvana Spa, Wokingham

Rupert at Nirvana Spa contacted us with the requirement of a 20m canopy to cover a walkway area that is in constant use by staff members. Rupert needed the canopy to provide protection for his staff and equipment. We were the right company for Nirvana Spa as we could design and manufacture the perfect solution for the space.


After several conversations with our sales and technical team, Rupert decided to go ahead with a site survey so that we could scan the space and create a 3D video walkthrough for him. The 3D visual showed Rupert that we could design the canopy so that it fits the space perfectly, covering the whole area and avoiding downpipes and the airconditioning units. As well as this, the visual showcased the aesthetics reassuring Rupert that the canopy would look stunning. 

After receiving the 3D visual:

The final price for the solution was as expected and once Rupert placed his order, our design engineers quickly started the engineering drawings. We had to check that the drawings included particular custom elements of the solution such as wall-attached cranked posts, which had to be different sizes. The drawings were signed off as Rupert was happy and before we knew it the canopy was being manufactured.

Finally, Rupert requested for the canopy to be powder-coated in (RAL 8011) Nut Brown as he wanted it to blend in with its surroundings. Furthermore, bronze polycarbonate was selected for the roof material for the very same reason. 

Once the canopy had been manufactured we arranged a suitable installation date with Rupert. Consequently, we try to be as flexible as possible so that all of our customer’s needs are met. 

Ultimately the whole canopy solution had been erected after four days, wall attached and secured to the property. Needless to everyone involved at Nirvana Spa loved the finished product and the service that we had provided throughout the project.

Canopy Specifications

Location Nirvana Spa, Wokingham
Purpose Walkway Canopy 
Width 4.381 Metres
Length 20.8 Metres
Eaves Height 3.3 Metres
Frame Colour RAL 8011 Nut Brown
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Bronze

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