Wall attached Carport Canopy with Larch infills installed in Cuckfield

Our customer, Peter, approached us with a requirement for a single carport to be installed to the side of his garage. Peter has an unusual garage roof, which varies in shape and height. Nevertheless, we knew that our wall attached carport would meet all of our customer’s requirements.

Peter Matthews-carport-003
Peter Matthews-carport-002

Shortly after we received Peter’s enquiry, we arranged a site visit. The aim of our site visit was to ensure that we could cover the space available as effectively as possible. When we arrived, Peter explained to us that he will be doing his own groundwork and installing a concrete slab for the desired location of his carport. We determined that the carport canopy would be attached to the side of Peter’s property using wall attached posts.  Peter wanted his carport to be enclosed, so we decided on rhombus shaped larch infills to enclose the carport. 

Due to the customisation of our canopies, we could meet all of Peter’s requirements. Each and every canopy is structurally sound, fully guaranteed and custom designed to create the perfect dry space. Peter wanted his carport to blend in with its surroundings, therefore he wanted his structure to be powder coated in (RAL 8016) Mahogany Brown fine textured. Peter also wanted Bronze polycarbonate, because of leaves falling off the trees and with it being easier to maintain.  We were confident that we could deliver the perfect carport for Peter.

The first draft drawings were created following the site survey and Peter was happy to confirm the measurements for his carport. We had to ensure that the measurements were correct as the carport would be wall attached on one side.

Peter signed off the final drawings for his carport and specified his choice of RAL colour and polycarbonate colour. We then sent Peter’s carport into production. Shortly after, we arranged an installation date for Peter’s carport to be delivered and erected. 

Installation was straightforward and stress-free. Peter’s builders shuttered holes in the right location for our posts using on our anchor plan. Our customer’s carport was fully installed within two days. Peter couldn’t be happier as we delivered the perfect custom solution that he would not have found elsewhere. Peter will be sending us updated images once his driveway is complete. 

Location Cuckfield
Purpose Carport
Width 4 metres
Length 6 metres
Eaves Height 1.9 metres
Frame Colour Mahogany Brown (RAL 8016)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Bronze

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