Beautiful & Contemporary Half-Curved Carport installed in Richmond

Keith approached us last year in search of a bespoke Carport to fit the area on his driveway. Keith had just purchased a classic car as a surprise for his wife’s birthday, and wanted the carport installed ready for its delivery time! Being the case, Keith was eager to get the ball rolling! He was pleased with our estimated price and wanted us to come out to survey the area as soon as possible.


Our project manager liaised with Keith to organise a suitable date to visit and conduct the site survey and design consultation. On-site, we discussed every aspect of the project. Keith explained to us that he did not want a post in the way, which would make it awkward to drive into the carport from the driveway entrance. Keith also mentioned that the tree in the space could not be cut down or removed, therefore we would have to cut the polycarbonate around the tree to fit.

Taking all of Keith’s comments into account, we handed over the project to our designer to create the best solution for Keith. The 3D scans taken on site were used to create a 3D video walkthrough of the carport, showing it in situ. As Keith mentioned that the carport could not have an intermediate post on the left side, our designer designed a curved post, which allowed us to cantilever one section of the carport, maintaining easy access in and out of the carport. After a few revisions and different design solutions, Keith was happy and wanted to go ahead so we calculated a final price for him.

Order Placed:

The final price met Keith’s expectations so he placed his order with us and our engineers quickly began the CAD drawings. Keith asked for the carport structure to be powder-coated in RAL 9005 Jet Black fine textured finish. Furthermore, Keith asked for the roof to be glazed in Clear polycarbonate and for the infill panel at the rear to be glazed in clear polycarbonate also. Keeping the canopy light and airy.

Once the carport had been manufactured, our project manager arranged a suitable date for the carport to be delivered and erected. The structure, infills and polycarbonate sheets were fully installed within just two days. This half curved carport fits like a glove. We maximised the available space and avoided the intermediate post! Keith & his wife couldn’t be happier with their brand new Kappion Canopy!

Carport Specifications

Location Richmond, Greater London
Purpose Carport
Width 2.66 metres
Length 5.32 metres
Gutter Height 1.8 metres
Frame Colour Jet Black (RAL 9005)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Clear
Infill Material  6mm Clear Solid Polycarbonate

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