Wide Spacious Carport installed in Weybridge

Darren approached us with a requirement for a wide and spacious 2 vehicle carport. The carport needed to cover the space at the side of his garage at his home in Weybridge. Our carport met all of our customer’s requirements and needs.


Firstly, our customer’s property is in a lovely location and the property itself has a very contemporary look and feel. Shortly after we received Darren’s enquiry our project manager arranged a date for our surveyor to visit Darren. We had to undertake the survey to discuss his needs and collect the measurements of the location where he would like his carport installed.

As our team of estimators, surveyors and designers have a wealth of experience in meeting our customers needs, Darren was free to liaise with us to determine the most effective solution.  Initially Darren just wanted his carport to fit 2 cars. During the site visit Darren decided that his canopy would look a lot better in if it were to span the full width of the space he wished to cover. This would be more efficient and provide more space when opening and closing car doors.

Darren has a walkway to the left of his carport so we had to position each post as effectively as possible to maintain easy access into the garden. As Darren insisted on only having four posts, the best option was to use a beam and gutter combination. Using this combination allows us to use a larger span from front to back of the canopy.

Darren signed off the final drawings following our surveyor’s visit and asked for his carport to be powder coated in ‘Jet Black Fine Textured’ (RAL9005), which would complement the surroundings and his property. Clear polycarbonate was then selected for the roof glazing which would allow as much light as possible to flood into the canopy, whilst providing protection from UV rays.

Once a manufactured delivered date had been confirmed, our project management team arranged a suitable date for Darren’s canopy to be delivered and erected.

Finally, the installation of the wide spacious carport was stress-free for our customer and our professional fitters.  Only two days were required to complete the installation. After a final clean down and walk around with Darren, it became very apparent that the Kappion team had delivered exactly what was requested.

Canopy Specifications

Location Weybridge
Purpose Wide Spacious Carport
Width 6.9 metres
Length 5.3 metres
Eaves Height 2.25 metres
Frame Colour Jet Black (RAL 9005)
Polycarbonate Roof Colour 10mm Clear

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