Outdoor Construction Canopy Installed in Dudley

Outdoor Construction Canopy Dudley College

Our customer Steve from Dudley college approached us with a requirement for an outdoor construction canopy. Steve wanted it to be installed at the college construction centre in order to protect a mortar mixer from the elements. Outdoor construction canopy with full structural calculations First of all, Steve made an inquiry with us due to the durability and strength of our steel canopies. The strength of the canopy was important since it was to be installed on a construction site where it may be susceptible to damage. In addition, each outdoor canopy we install comes with full structural calculations. As a result, Steve knew that the outdoor construction canopy would be structurally sound. Steve signed off the final drawings following our site survey and then specified that he wanted the structure to feature a hot dip galvanised and powder coated finish to match the surrounding architecture. Furthermore, Steve chose clear polycarbonate for the roof glazing. This is because it allows

Carport Patio Canopy Installed in Manchester

Dr Nasar (our customer) approached us with a requirement for a canopy which would perform 3 tasks, Carport, Covered patio area & covered area between his house and office (converted garage). Initially Dr Nasar, only wanted a canopy to cover the patio area but his wife wanted the canopy extending to the front of the garage which would incorporate the carport and also allow enough space for her washing line to go under the canopy 🙂 The initial visit was very detailed and fairly complicated, as to get the most from the area and for the canopy to be at it’s most efficient, we decided the canopy needed to be wall attached and also attached to the converted garage.  Designing the canopy to this specification, created quite a few issues, which we needed to make sure were addressed at the measuring and design stage: Soil & Downpipes on the house to be avoided. Garage/Office not built parallel to the house. Shed